Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m a business owner, how can you help my business?
Let’s say, You have a small store, you leave for the evening but your store is still open and your employees are running the show. You’re on the couch at home resting and you have the feeling to check out what is happening at your store. Just pick-up your Tablet or Smartphone and click on the app and “You’re There” instantly! Call us for more details on how we can help you with your business.

Are all your products covered by a warranty?
Yes. Our cameras, hard disks and DVRs are covered with 1 year warranty against defects. If defective, we replace it. No questions asked. Just keep the receipt when you claim for the warranty. Wires are not covered.

Is installation free?
Yes, if you get any of our DVR plus 1 camera. Beyond 1 camera, we charge a flat rate of:
Php1500/day for 1-2 cameras additional
Php2000/day for 3-4 cameras additional
Php2500/day for 5-8 cameras additional

FREE installation inclusions are applied only for the following:

-Single storey residential house

-Does not apply to commercial establishments

-cable wirings are exposed on the walls and ceilings only (will use cable clips and insulated tacks)
-Height of ceiling: maximum of 5 meters
-10m max wire length from the DVR to the camera
-No laying of cables across the street
-No drilling on concrete walls or excavation of any kind
-No climbing of post or pole

ADD ONS: (labor and/or materials charges apply)
-Video and power cables
-Conduits/mouldings for cables (PVC, GI pipe etc.)
-In-ceiling installations

Where do you get your products?
We are an online company and we get our products from reputable manufacturers all over Asia and Philippines. We make sure they are of good quality.

What covers your after sales support?
We will maintain your CCTV system for free for 1 month if you purchase any of our CCTV packages. The free maintenance covers problems like there’s no output video, cameras not working, or if you can’t access the camera on the internet. Beyond 1 month, we will charge a minimal fee depending on the problem.

Do you have a showroom where we can view the products?
We are an online company and we do not maintain an inventory thus we do not have a showroom. That is the reason why our prices are lower. We only maintain a sales office in LapuLapu City. (Please refer to Contact Us page for complete address).

Where can I view the specification of the products?
You can check our Products or Specification page for details.

Is your company registered in DTI?




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